Finance a professional equipment

As a customer of TEB, do you want to finance a machinery or an item of equipment for your business activity ?

We work with TEB account manager and offer you the best financial solution.


The Benefits of Our Leasing Solutions

  • Sectoral expertise and consultancy services.
  • Our innovative solutions thanks to our strong infrastructure and expert team.
  • Solutions that we can provide you about investment finance, insurance, procurement and import processes thanks to our wide product range.
  • Transparent and standardized high level service quality as we offer in each countries that we perform.
  • Alternative long term payment plans which are designed for your needs and investment type.
  • VAT advantage which gives the opportunity to purchase equipments with 1% VAT instead of 20% or 10% according to the equipment type.


Financial Leasing

Financial leasing is the widespread type of leasing in Turkey which includes financing the investment good and enables the lessee to take over the ownership of the investment good at the end of the contract subject to the prices and terms determined within the frame of a leasing contract.

Insurance cover for assets

We offer different types of contracts providing insurance in case of total or partial loss of equipment.


As a customer of TEB, you already have a direct relationship with your bank account manager and our Leasing Sales Representatives work in close collaboration with your bank account manager to simplify communications and jointly offer you the solutions that meet your financial needs.

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