Areas of expertise per market

Our organisation is structured by market. This way, we can make sure that our sectoral working model and teams are fully familiar with their sectors so we provide service to develop your business.

We are committed to making sure our customers and partners get solutions tailored to their requirements.  This is why our teams are fully familiar with their sectors of activity, to be able to anticipate major evolutions and future trends.

We meet this commitment by structuring our organisation into three dedicated business units :

  • Equipment and Logistics Solutions :
    • Construction equipment, e.g. backhoes, excavators, cranes, roller, etc.
    • Agricultural equipment, e.g. tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, baling machine, etc.
    • Handling equipment, e.g. forklift truck, etc.
  • Technology Solutions :
    • IT equipment, e.g. desktops, software and hardware equipment
    • Office Equipment & Spectech, e.g. printers, scanners, EV chargers, hand terminals, laser printers
    • Medical Equipments, e.g. MRIs, CT, Ultrasounds
  • Bank Leasing Services :
  • Professional equipments, e.g. textile, metal processing, road transportation vehicles, industrial equipment, plastic and rubber machines, packaging and press machines, power generators, compressors, wood, glass and jewelery processing machines.
  • Sustainable equipments, e.g. Solar Panels, electric buses, cogeneration plants

Besides, our business units are international. This means we can prepare bespoke packages for key customers and global partners, and provide comprehensive solutions for all countries where they do business.

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