Finance an equipment

We provide service to improve your business with our specialized and experienced staff together with the manufacturers, vendors and distributors on construction, agriculture, material handling and technology equipments sectors.

The cooperation packages we offer are designed specifically for the producers, vendors and distributors and provide financing solutions special for their end-users.

This cooperation package includes marketing tools, training support, joint visits to end-users and commitment for service quality level.

The Benefits of Our Leasing Solutions

  • Sectoral and technical know how about equipments, brands, vendors and customer profiles
  • Specialist teams who understand the specific nature and challenges of your sector
  • Responsive and simple service provided by our specialized team
  • A broad range of finance options to meet your requirements in terms of tax, insurance and contract management
  • Adapted payment plans for cash flow and project management
  • Adapted payment plans with VAT advantages occurred with %1 VAT ratio instead of %20 or %10
  • Financial investment development opportunities through leasing.


Financial Leasing

Financial leasing is the widespread type of leasing in Turkey which includes financing the investment good and enables the lessee to take over the ownership of the investment good at the end of the contract subject to the prices and terms determined within the frame of a leasing contract.

Operating Lease

Under this arrangement, you use the equipment without acquiring it. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions retains ownership of the asset. Once the rental period is over, you can return the asset or extend your agreement.

The most convenient leasing type for using the equipment in specific time period.

Advantages for Lessee’s:

  • Reducement of net cost of equity
  • Enhancement of loan volume
  • Lessee can recognise the all rent fees as an expense
  • Rentals would be lower
  • Maintenance and service may be included in leasing contract

Insurance cover for assets

We offer different types of contracts providing insurance in case of total or partial loss of equipment.

Expertise / Vendor Academy

We offer our reseller partners an innovative and fully customised training programme about our leasing products – the ‘Vendor Academy’. Our staff provides your sales teams with customised sessions that reflect the business challenges of your sector.

You benefit from our in-depth knowledge of our products and services, which your team can use in turn with their own clients to improve sales performance. This is another innovative way in which BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions acts as a business accelerator for its partners, offering services with real added value.

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Lease Offers

Our bespoke application is available via tablets and PCs so that you can easily and quickly close a sale.