Financial Leasing :

Financial leasing is the widespread type of leasing in Turkey which includes financing the investment good and enables the lessee to take over the ownership of the investment good at the end of the contract subject to the prices and terms determined within the frame of a leasing contract.

Operational Leasing :

Under this arrangement, you use the equipment without acquiring it. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions retains ownership of the asset. Once the rental period is over, you can return the asset or extend your agreement.

The most convenient leasing type for using the equipment in specific time period.

Advantages for Lessee’s :

  • Reducement of net cost of equity
  • Enhancement of loan volume
  • Lessee can recognise the all rent fees as an expense
  • Rentals would be lower
  • Maintenance and service may be included in leasing contract

Real Estate Leasing :

We offer leasing solutions exclusively for buildings intended for professional, industrial or commercial use, or for the provision of professional services.

Real Estate Sale and Leaseback :

We finance your current industrial and commercial real estates with our sale and leaseback product. By this way, we meet your financial requirements and help you to benefit from many tax advantages.

Insurance Cover for Assets:
We offer different types of contracts providing insurance in case of total or partial loss of equipment.

  • The corporate investors who want to expand, modernize their current plants, to operate in the new production areas, to expand the distribution channels, to invest in energy saving, to operate in the new business branches and to increase capacity
  • Self-employed people and individual investors who plan to form healthy budgets, to have new technologies, to open workplaces, offices and clinics
  • The seller companies which desire to achieve rapid conclusions as an alternative financing method in the realization of the sales transaction, to increase the sales and to arrange their own cash flows
  • SME’s
  • Mid-size Companies
  • Large International Groups
  • Retailers
  • Farmers
  • Self-employed people
  • Public bodies
  • Associations
  • Contact your provider :

We have signed partnership agreements with major equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors. They can offer you a suitable finance solution directly.

  • Contact your bank account manager :

Your TEB Bank account manager can work in collaboration with our leasing sales representatives to bring you a tailored finance solution.

As well as finance solutions, we offer insurance services through our contracted insurance company :

Insurance cover for assets:

  • We offer different types of contracts providing insurance in case of total or partial loss of equipment.


We offer financial solutions for various sectors and equipments.

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A financial leasing contract should mention :

  • Purchase Price

The price (excluding tax) at which the company purchases the equipment from the supplier, which forms the basis for calculating the rent. The purchase price is freely negotiated between the lessee and the supplier.

  • Contract Period

The period during which the equipment will be rented. The duration can vary according to what type of equipment is being financed. It is normally between 24 months to 60 months.

    • Frequency of Payments

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. This makes it easier to match payments to cash flow, even if seasonal. Installments are usually payable in advance, and the amount depends on the duration, frequency and type (flexible, regressive, etc.) The lessee also has the option to make a higher first payment to reduce the total cost of the lease.

Financial Lease

The lessee takes over the ownership of the investment good at the end of the contract subject to the prices and terms determined within the frame of a leasing contract.

Operating Lease

Lessee has a right of use the equipment along the contract time. Transfer of ownership is not contractually agreed at the end of the contract.

Lessee has a right to use the equipment in financial leasing. Therefore, no VAT payment necessary for equipment in advance. VAT payments are collected from payments of rent.

  • Sectoral and technical know how about equipments, brands, vendors and customer profiles
  • Specialist teams who understand the specific nature and challenges of your sector
  • Responsive and simple service provided by our specialized team
  • A broad range of finance options to meet your requirements in terms of tax, insurance and contract management
  • Adapted payment plans for cash flow and project management
  • Adapted payment plans with VAT advantages occurred with %1 VAT ratio instead of %18 or %8 for legally eligible equipments
  • Financial investment development opportunities through leasing

The documents required for the application :

For the legal bodies :

  • Financial leasing application form (signed)
  • The balance sheet and income statement for the last 3 years (certified by the tax administration)
  • The detailed ledger for the last period
  • Trade registration gazette (containing the foundation, partnership structure, capital and amendments)
  • Tax plate
  • Proforma invoice (issued in the name of BNP Paribas Finansal Kiralama A.Ş.)
  • The photocopies of the identity cards of the partners and the guarantors
  • The photocopies of the title deeds of the reel estates of the company and the partners
  • The photocopies of the licenses of the vehicles of the company and the partners

For real bodies :

  • Financial leasing application form (signed)
  • Tax registration certificate
  • The photocopies of the identity card
  • Certificate of graduation and specialization
  • Real estate and vehicle information
  • Payroll (if the income for the paid worker is documented by the company letter-headed paper, then the signature circular of the company)
  • Residence certificate

For more information or any other questions, please contact Leasing-Hizmet@tr.bnpparibas.com.


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